25th March 2015



Denmark is now participating with an active NCP, that allows mobile students from other EMREX countries visiting University of Copenhagen and The Technical University of Denmark to get their achievement records smooth and fast. SIU (Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants) coordinates the participation. We hope that also Roskilde University and Aalborg University will join soon.

Students visiting Technical University of Denmark has experienced some problems, but they should be dealt with now, so if you are a student and has tried without success to transfer your achievement records, please try Again.



Higher education in Denmark is offered by five types of higher education institutions (approximately 45 in total):

  1. Academies of Professional Higher Education (Erhvervsakademi) offering professionally oriented short cycle and first cycle degree programmes.
  2. University Colleges (Professionshøjskole) offering professionally oriented first cycle degree programmes.
  3. Maritime Education and Training Institutions offering professionally oriented short cycle and first cycle degree programmes.
  4. Research Universities (Universitet) offering first, second and third cycle degreee programmes in all academic disciplines.
  5. University level institutions offering first, second and third cycle degree programmes in subject fields such as architecture, design, music and fine and performing arts.


Academic year in Denmark

The academic year runs from 1 September to 31 August and is usually divided in two terms. The Autumn term from 1 September to 31 January and the Spring term from 1 February to 31 August. The teaching periods are normally from September to December and February to May. Some universities use quarters where the academic year are divided in four periods.


Field Trial setup in Denmark

A Danish National Contact Point along with the necessary services in STADS are now in production, enabling us to send results to other EMREX-countries. A Student Mobility Plugin will not be available for Danish students during the Field Trial.


Anders Bøgebjerg Hansen, abh@ufm.dk