2022 EMREX Annual Meeting

The 2022 EMREX Annual Meeting will take place on May 31st 11.00-13.00 in Göttingen, Germany. The meeting will be held in conjunction with the EUNIS pre-conference workshops. Save the date and register now!

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Successful Data Transfers (2020)

What is EMREX

The purpose of EMREX, with its electronic data exchange solution, is to empower individuals to control their own student data and exchange throughout lifespan, across borders for various purposes.


Individual students who want a fast, secure and digital transfer of their achievement records.


Students can transfer across borders and provide their academic credentials to institutions, employers and more through the EMREX network.

National Data providers

Make the data you collect and store available to the EMREX network.

“We are used to doing everything online anyway. It feels strange to use pen and paper for this”

– Exchange student

“I think any step that makes it simpler and more streamlined for students to go abroad will help”

– Kristin Vangen, Exchange student

“It’s quite straight forward. I think anyone can use it.”

– Exchange student

How does it work?

EMREX can be used in several ways, for example:
  • By mobile students who want a fast, secure and digital transfer of their achievement records from abroad
  • By individuals applying for education in other countries
  • By individuals who want to share their achievement records with others – future potential employers etc.

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