Field Trial Newsletter 3/5 

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The Third EMREX Newsletter is out!

One and a half year into the project, EMREX is at its halfway point, and a lot of progress has been made in exploring new ways to make the credit transfer and recognition easier via technological development and innovation, stakeholder engagement and awareness-raising.

A federated solution that allows interoperability and information sharing between different student record management systems across Europe has been produced by the EMREX team, including a high degree of flexibility in its local implementation. A field trial to test the usability of the solution with student and administrators from higher education institutions from porject countries began in the late spring 2016 and will go on until July 2017. Several students from Sweden, Norway and Finland have succesfully retrieved their student information fro their host institutions involved in the project. Italy joined the trial after the summer and is now anxiously waiting feedback from its first users, whilst Denmark will join the trial later this year.

In parallel, the project has been investigating the role and impact of the new EMREX solution in student exchange, compiling feedback from former exchange students about their experiences with and expectations for recognition process across Europe. Another survey is conducted among EMREX users to understand better the end users and their needs. This will allow the EMREX team to build towards producing viable and scalable solutions for more efficient and enhanced credit transfer and recognition 

EMREX has attracted significant attention and various stakeholders in Europe and beyond have already expressed their interest in EMREX solution. EMREX has been, and will continue to be, present at many external events, including conferences, seminars, and workshops involving a range of stakeholders from various positions. The latest presentation, including our new video, was given at EAIE conference in Liverpool, taking lace from 13th to the 16th of september 2016. A seminar and stakeholder forum will be organized in Helsinki, Finland on 31.1-2.2.2017. Finally, interested stakeholders can also keep up with project activities and related news by following our website at

With a fruitful one and a half year gone by the project team is excited to continue working towards the project’s objectives over the following 18 months – and looking forward to new coorperation opportunities.

Your EMREX team