The newest official version (6.2.1 issued on 23.11.2016) of student information system USOS developed by Polish partner (University of Warsaw) for the consortium of more than 50 Polish Higher Education Institutions (MUCI) contains the EMREX module which offers functionality of both SMP and NCP. That means that when only the institution deploys that version and the URL of that institution’s NCP is added to the EMREX registry, students of that institution, outgoing and incoming, will be able to transfer their achievements. The decision to join EMREX network will be up to the local authorities. Technical part is ready to use.

The special workshop for Polish HEIs, members of MUCI, is planned to take place in Warsaw in the early January 2017. The main topic will be the new admission system, used for recruitment of prospective students for diploma studies, short-term studies and internal mobility (part of MOST program). The EMREX solution will also be presented and possible benefits of EMREX for the Polish education system will be discussed.

Read more about the Polish solution in the EMREX portal: Case study: Poland.