The fourth and last EMREX Newsletter for this year is out!


Getting in touch with students

The first year of the EMREX field trial is soon ending with marvelous results. Students in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Italy have succesfully transferred their transcript of records between home and host institution with positive feedback. This creates a promising basis for future testing as our current focus is to identify and get in contact with students coming back from their abroad studies at the turn of the year 2016. the field trial is for students who have been studying in any of the pilot countries, Norway, Finland, Sweden or two universities in Italy, the unversitie of Sienna and the university of Verona or four universities in Denmark, university of Copenhagen, Roskilde University, Aalborg University and Technical University of Denmark. The project welcomes all help available to find those students! Due to limitation of acces times to their studens’ account after finished studies, most of them need to log in as soon as possible after they got their credits registered. The field trial will keep rolling throughout the spring of 2017 and the next big search for students wil thus occur during the end of next semester in spring/summer 2017.


Seminar in Helsinki in January

To provide an opportunity for participants and stakeholders to keep up to date a seminar and stakeholder forum will be organized in Helsinki . Finland on 31.1-1.2.2017 if you are interested in joining the seminar all information can be found at the project website EMREX seminar 2017.


EMREX Poland ready for deployment

The newest official version of student information systems USOS developed by Polish partner (University of Warsaw) fir the consortium of more than 50 Polish Higher Education Institutions (MUCI) contains the EMREX module which offers functionality of both SMP and NCP. The decision to join EMREX network will be op to the local authorities. A special workshop for Polish HEIs, members of MUCI, is planned to take place in Warsaw in the early January 2017. The main topic will be the new admission system, used for recruitment of prospective students for diploma studies, short-term studies, and internal mobility (part of MOST program. Read more about the Polish solution in the EMREX portal: Case Study: Poland


EMREX is of interest!

The EMREX solution has attracted a lot of interest among various stakholders in Europe and betond, and the project is continuously working on expanding collaborations. Technical co-operation is ongoing with DUO in the Netherlands and VTAC in Australia to join the EMREX network. SIGMA in Spain has also declared their interest in becoming an EMREX partner in addition to ongoing talks with several others. Emrex is also working closely with DG EAC in Brussels to find synergies with oher EU-sposored project (e.g. Erasmus Without Papers and FAIR) and upcoming new initiatives. 


Ongoing work with evaluation 

Later during spring 2017 there will also be an interview tour conducted in all project countries, run by evaluating partner University of Warsaw. Administrative staff working with credit transferring and exchange students will be asked about routines and possible future effects of EMREX.


EMREX presented two times in Brussels this December

The Emrex project has been presented two times at Euopean meetings in Brussels this month. 1st of December at the annual NARIC meeting and again 14th of December at an Erasmus+ National Agencies event, where the European Commission strongly urged the National Erasmus Agenvies to find Higher Education Institutions to join EMREX.

The European Commission has also issued a support letter for EMREX, where they state the importance of the work being done in our project.

During the fall EMREX also e.g. held a session on mobility at the EAIE conference in Liverpool and discussed further cases at the Nordforum meeting in Oslo EMREX has been, and will continue to be present at many external events, including conferences, seminars and workshops involving a range of stakeholdes from various positions. 


Your EMREX team