The Annual Assembly of the Emrex User Group (EUG) was held on 17 April 2018 in Paris where almost 40 people from 15 different countries gathered to hear and discuss about the development of EMREX.

The meeting was opened with an introduction to Emrex and latest country news presented by the current full member countries of the Emrex Network. Before proceeding to the Annual Assembly, the President of PESC (the Professional Exchange Service Corporation, USA) Michael Sessa offered the participants an inspirational look to Emrex from global perspective.

The Emrex project has been found to be truly successful. Students are using the service actively and as seen in the Annual Assembly multiple organizations from all around the world are interested in becoming part of the Emrex User Group.  A summary of the minutes of the Annual Assembly is provided below with a link to the full minutes.

If your organization is interested in joining the Emrex Network or have any other questions regarding Emrex, please contact the Executive Committee.

The full minutes of the Emrex User Group Annual Assembly

Summary of the minutes of the Annual Assembly

  1. The Annual Assembly was opened by the Chair Jonna Korhonen at 13:12.
  2. The minutes of Emrex User Group constituent meeting on 16 January 2018 were accepted
  3. Interim Executive Committee gave its report to the EMREX User Group including the renewed statutes (Johan Bergström), the EMREX Year Plan 2018 (Tor Fridell) and EMREX Policy agreement (Janina Mincer-Daskiewicz). In addition, Geir Vangen presented other ongoing businesses and collaboration opportunities.
  4. The presented documents were accepted with the following modifications:
    • Year Plan was accepted after the addition of the word “proactively” in our approach looking for EU and other international collaboration opportunities
    • Emrex Policy Agreement was accepted with the updates regarding the maintenance windows and the NCP
  5. The following persons were elected as members of the new Executive Committee 2018-2020:
    • Johan Bergström, SE
    • Tor Fridell, SE
    • Jonna Korhonen, FI
    • Jan-Joost Norder, the NL
    • Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz, PL
    • Geir Vangen, NO
  1. Jonna Korhonen (FI) was elected as the chair of the Executive Committee.
  2. The following associate members were accepted to the Emrex User Group  Associate Members
  3. Jonna Korhonen closed the Annual Assembly at 15:00 pm


Extra annual assembly 2018-08-22

An online extra annual assembly was held in august 2018 with the only item vote for Chair of the Executive Committee. The votes were unanimously in favor of Jan-Joost Norder as Chair.

Jan-Joost is therefore as of 2018-08-22 the new Chair.

Minutes are here. Extra assembly 180815