EMREX – more than a Project

As of April 2018 the Emrex project transformed into the EMREX User group. This means, among
other things, that the Network is open for other organisations than the initial founders.
This newsletter is created to let current and future members know what is happening within the


The Annual Assembly of the EMREX User Group (EUG) was held on 17 April 2018 in Paris where almost 40 people from 15 different countries gathered to hear and discuss about the development of EMREX.

The EMREX project has been found to be truly successful. Studens are using the service actively and as seen in the Annual Assembly multiple organizations from all around the world are interested in becoming part of the EMREX User Group. A summary of the minutes of the Annual Assembly is provided below with a link to the full minutes.

If your organization is interested in joining the EMREX Network or have any other questions regarding EMREX, please contact the Executive Committee.

Annual Assembly Minutes

The new EMREX executive comittee comprises of six individuals.

  • Jonna Korhonen (chair). CSC – Finland
  • Jan-Joost Norder, DUO – Netherlands
  • Johan Bergström, Umeå universitet – Sweden
  • Tor Fridell, Ladokkonsortiet – Sweden
  • Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz, University of Warsaw – Poland
  • Geir Mange Vangen, UNIT – Norway