Changes in the EMREX Executive Committee

The past summer 2018 brought some changes into the EMREX Executive Committee (EC). In the extra annual assembly held in September Jan Joost Norder from DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs), Netherlands was elected as the new Chair of the EC to replace Jonna Korhonen who has moved to other duties in Finland. Additionally Tor Fridell took over the secretary’s duties as Johan Bergström had to leave his place in the EC due to a changing employment. The whole EMREX community wants to express great thanks to Jonna and Johan and wish them the best of success in their new challenges.

The EC continues its work with five official members:

–  Jan Joost Norder, the Netherlands (Chair)
–  Geir Vangen, Norway (Vice chair)
–  Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz, Poland
–  Jukka Kohtanen, Finland
–  Tor Fridell, Sweden (Secretary)

The first meeting of the EC in its current form was held in the beginning of September at CSC’s premises in  Finland where everyone had arrived to participate in the next day’s ELMO and Diploma Supplement workshop. Read more about the workshop in the newsletter.

Jan-Joost Norder, Chair of the EMREX Executive Committee

ELMO workshop on Diploma Supplement

On September 7th, 2018 the EMREX Consortium arranged a workshop in Helsinki on adding full Diploma supplement support to ELMO. This was an open workshop with 15 participants

The workshop was held at the CSC premises in Espoo. Geir Vangen was the chair of the workshop. Susanna Kärki from the Finnish National Agency for Education led us though the Diploma Supplement document standard, the history of this and the latest revision. Matija Puzar took care of the technical part of the session.

Diploma Supplement has been an important part of the recognition of academic qualifications creating greater transparency in the European Higher Education Area since its adoption in 1999. It describes the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies in a standardized description an thus, facilitates the understanding and recognition of qualifications across European borders. So far the document has been mostly issued in a paper-based format.

The goal of this work is to enable representation and exchange of Diploma Supplement data in networks like EMREX and EWP (Erasmus Without Papers), providing support for Diploma solutions based on ELMO.

The group ran through a number of Diploma Supplement examples during the session, which ended up in a proposal for changes to the ELMO format.

A proposal for ELMO 1.4 will be published at GitHub later this autumn, with a goal to put this version into production by February 2019.

Geir Vangen and participants of the ELMO workshop in HELSINKI (photo taken by Pinja Ahola, CSC)

Croatia joining the EMREX Network

After several moths in which the Agency for Science and Higher Education (ASHE) had participated in the EMREX Group as an associate member we can finally announce with pleasure that the Croatian NCP was launched and it can be used by all higher education institutions in Croatia. The service for electronic exchange of student records was published on the National Identification and Authentication System on August 29, 2018. The system also uses eID for EU citizens who are not from Croatia. The service can be used for multiple purposes, not just for student exchange, wherever verified transcript of records are required.

In order to attract universities to the EMREX network ASHE has visired several major universities throughout Croatia and held two presentation for the vice-rectors for student affairs of the Croatian univeristies, the first presentation was held by Mats Lindstedt (former EMREX project leader) in February 2017, whom ASHE also invited to the International association of admissions organisations conference in Croatia in 2016.

EMREX at EAIE in Geneva

A session titled “Supporting Digital Admission and Recognition with EMREX” was held at EAIE in Geneva in September 2018.

This session presented the EMREX platform and its innovative potential for student mobility and higher education. Following successful specification, development and live-testing, EMREX has undergone the transformation from a heavily EU-subsidized project to a completely partner-financed network. EMREX has proven effective in the digital transfer of student achievement records and a logical next step in admission and recognition. Who is joining and how is this project proceeding?

Susanne Suhr Andersen from Danish Agency for Science and Higher ducation was the chair of the session, speaker were Vera Mol from DUO, Netherlands and Geir Vangen from UNIT, the Norwegian Directorate for ICT.

We were very happy with the interest for the session and had a good discussion with the audience.


Vera Mol from DUO presenting EMREX at EAIE in Geneva (photo taken by Geir Vangen)

Others about EMREX

“The network of EMREX aims to further connect and enhance student data portability and provide student data globally. EMREX empowers individuals to manage their student data and to transfer credentials securely to employers, institutions and more.

Read more about EMREX in the context of university degrees in the University World News in an article by Linda J. Børresen and Stig Arne Skjerven titled “Detecting Fake Univeristy Degrees in a Digital World

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