EMREX Workshop 23-24 November 2021

EMREX hosts a workshop with both strategic and technical focus 23/24 November 2021 (lunch-to-lunch). The workshop will be hybrid with participation possible onsite in Göttingen and also online via Zoom.

The full agenda can be found here.

Among the highlights are:

  • Hermann Strack from the Harz University of Applied Sciences: EMREX-based results and new developments.
  • The University of Göttingen (Project PIM): the recognition transport via Elmo. Bettina Bube
  • HISinOne is ready for EMREX. Michael Lierath, HIS
  • Changes in ELMO-format
  • Discussion about the strategic future of EMREX: In which direction should EMREX develop in the next years? What do we need to do to achieve this? And how can we achieve this?

Practical information

Locations for the 2021 EMREX Workshop in Göttingen