(by Jan Erik Johansen, PO in Unit for Vitnemålsportalen)

The Norwegian Diploma Registry (Vitnemålsportalen) has seen a large increase in the sharing of educational results via EMREX in the last year. The number of EMREX sharings doubled from 2019 to 2020, from 28 000 to 57 000. The reason for this has been the growing number of web services connecting as EMREX clients to the Diploma Registry the last couple of years, especially recruitment services.

 Regular sharings of higher educational results are also on a steady rise, with 71 000 in 2018, 133 000 i 2019 and 164 000 in 2020.

 The Diploma registry is a Norwegian service established in 2017 by Unit – The Norwegian Directorate for ICT and Joint Services in Higher Education and Research, commissioned by the Norwegian Ministry of education and Research.

 The main goal of the Diploma Registry is to help individuals collect their results from higher education and share them with potential employers, educational institutions and other relevant recipients. The sharing is easy, safe and 100% digital. The use of the Diploma Registry is free of charge.

 Since 2017 logins have nearly doubled year over year, with almost 600 000 in 2020. The Diploma Registry is now an established resource among the whole of the population, not only young people in an ongoing education.

 Unit is in the process of expanding the scope of the service with other kinds of education, knowledge and skills, e.g. vocational schools, professional certificates, language tests, driver’s licences and more.

 More information about the service can be found at https://www.vitnemalsportalen.no/english/.