EMREX Workshop 23-24 November 2021

The previously announced workshop is postponed to 23/24 November 2021 (lunch-to-lunch). It is not yet foreseeable whether the pandemic course will even allow an event in presence in the foreseeable future. The EMREX EC plans to be able to make a decision in its meeting on 01 October on then hopefully safe forecasts concerning the pandemic development to it.

Until then, the EMREX EC is looking forward to receiving suggestions for topics for this workshop and, assuming a positive decision for a face-to-face event, suggestions for venues. So far we already have commitments for the following topics:

  • Hermann Strack from the Harz University of Applied Sciences: EMREX-based results and new developments.
  • Jörg Rückriemen from Bundesdruckerei: Workshop on the topic “Connection EMREX, EBSI and SSI”.
  • The University of Göttingen (Project PIM): the recognition transport via Elmo.
  • And other planned topics are:
    • Status of a cooperation of EMREX and EBSI
    • Track on changes in ELMO-format
    • State of the EMREX network (including lowest amount of information needed for usefulness).
    • HIS,  have implemented EMREX natively and want to make the first expansion stage available to the universities with the next release.

It is also planned to give place in this workshop to the discussion about the strategic future of EMREX: In which direction should EMREX develop in the next years? What do we need to do to achieve this? And how can we achieve this?