Emrex User Group (EUG) is an independent, international network which unites various actors interested in enhancing student data portability. As such, the network will act as a global platform for connecting expertise, sharing knowledge and enhancing collaboration to expand EMREX footprint and help unlock the full potential of student data and open up data flows globally.

EMREX User Group is comprised of two organisational entities:


The Annual Assembly is EUG’s sovereign authority.

It discusses and directs the general policy of the EUG according to the aims described in the first article. The Annual Assembly has the power to do the following:

  • to approve the reports of activities
  • to approve the new members or revoke existing one
  • to modify and approve the statutes of the organization;
  • to dissolve the organization.

The Annual Assembly elects the Executive Committee and the Chair of the Annual Assembly and the Executive Committee. The Annual Assembly shall be convened at least once a year by the Executive Committee.

The Executive convenes the Annual Assembly by means of a written notification to the full members and associate members in due time.
Members can propose topics for the agenda one month in advance of the meeting.

All decisions taken by the Annual Assembly require a 2/3 majority of the votes (present and proxy). Proxy votes are permitted; however, no attending member may act for more than three absent members, and written authorization is required from the members represented.
On the request of half the full members plus one, the Chair shall convene an extraordinary meeting of the Annual Assembly, with a limited agenda


The Executive Committee is elected by the Annual Assembly and consists of the Chair, Vice Chair and three to six further members.

The Executive Committee appoints at its first meeting after election a secretary from within its members. All full network members are eligible to stand for election to the Executive Committee. Committee members are elected for a two year term and shall be eligible for re-election.

If a committee member quits, the home organization of the leaving member can appoint a new member in his place for the remaining term of office.

  • responsible for preparing a yearly action plan, which could include webinars, newsletters, conferences etc.
  • ensure appropriate activities are taken to reach the goals in article 1
  • convenes the Annual Assembly
The Executive Committee:

Tor Fridell (Chairperson)

Jan Joost Norder (Secretary)

Geir Vangen (Vice Chair)

Kimmo Rautio

Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz

Igor Drvodelić

Arn Waßmann