Since October 2018, Dutch applicants for nationwide admissions restricted study programmes can download their certificates stored in the Diploma Database at DUO directly via the SfH (Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung) application portal. The EMREX system is used for this purpose.

Since April 2020, the project „PIM(platform international student mobility) funded by the BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) has been working on the incorporation of Emrex. The platform serves as a central student mobility plugin for students of all universities to import their data in order to apply for a recognition request at German higher education institutions (HEI). It is intended to provide Emrex Export on PIM as well. However, the scenario of one central NCP lies in the future as stakeholders of different federal institutions are involved in formal and technical, pre-conditional processes. The availability of German HEIs has therefore going to be ensured by decentral Emrex Contact Points.

Within the framework of the German “Online-Zugangsgesetz” (“Online-Access-Act” – OZG), a prototype for the electronic validation of certificates (upper secondary school and university) in Germany was created. This solution is to include the PIM project and the support of EMREX.


Contact Points for Emrex Export

Germany has been represented in Emrex by a registry of the University of Göttingen since January 2020. The number of further Contact Points of other HEIs is going to be increased in course of the project PIM that is working on the integration of Emrex into existing campus management systems.

For any questions regarding EMREX in Germany please contact Guido Bacharach

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