EMREX demo system

The testing page describes how to test the different components in the participating countries. The same instructions can of course be used for demonstrating the solution to interested parties. In addition the following set-up and instructions have been prepared to help run a successful and impressive demo.

Note: before running an important demo, make sure to contact the corresponding partners and check that there aren’t any planned downtime for the system at that time. The demo uses test systems that can be changed or taken offline as part of normal development work.

Send email to emrex-support@emrex.eu to inform about the demo, include information about time and which part of the EMREX network you plan to use in the demo.

Instruction for demo set-up Finland (client) - Norway (EMP)

Instructions for demo set-up Finland (client) – Sweden (EMP)

An end-to-end demo has been prepared and can be used at conferences or meetings, where you want to show how EMREX works. The set-up uses one common student, Kaisa Keränen, that has access right both to the Finnish EMC and results in the Swedish EMP. That is, the story is that she is a Finnish student that has been on an exchange in Sweden.

To run the dem:.

1 Go to emrextest.csc.fi/smp

2 Select Haka test-idp from the list and log on as Kaisak with password keränen

3 From the Finnish EMC select Sweden

4 In the Swedish EMP, fill in Names and Date of birth and choose what data-set you want to use.

5 In the Swedish EMP you can now review all Kaisa’s results in Sweden. Select or delselect. It is also possible to ope up a course and see the classes connected to it. Select some courses and press Next

7 Approve and import and you are sent back to the Finnish EMC. The results are also transferred back to the EMC as elmo-xml (not seen in the demo). You can also save and open the pdf to show what the student can get for himself.

8 Import and you are done