The Process to Join

How do you want to use EMREX?

EMREX can be used as a building block for many different processes (recognition of external studies, internal mobility within a country, verifying prior learning, verification of credentials, e.g. for degree mobility or employment needs)

Technical Requirements

The technical guide  and case study will give a good overview of how EMREX works. The  source code and the elmo-standard in GitHub will allow technical experts to estimate the workload needed to join the EMREX network. If needed, ask for a technical telco or workshop to answer any open questions or to set up a proof-of-concept.

Register for test network

Joining the test network is free of charge. The test-EMP needs to be registered to the test network, i.e. the IP address and public key published. In the test network other partners EMPs/EMCs can be utilized to test against your own development.

Set up your own test EMC and/or EMP

Set up your own test EMC and/or EMP, including also authentication of the users and connection to the results service. Test together with the partners in the EMREX network

Here you can find some test examples

Sign up for the EMREX network

After a successful testing phase the solution is ready to join the EMREX network. This can be done either with only the EMC or EMP part, or with both together.

Fill in the form to join