EMREX in Italy


The National Contact Point (NCP) was  developed and is in production for Siena and Verona, the Student Mobility Plugin (SMP) is in production only in Siena.

University of Siena
University of Verona


The National Contact point (NCP) will be hosted at each Italian’s higher education institutions participating to the field trials. The student will have to login to ESSE3 to retrieve the required information. In the future, we are considering the possiblity to use only one NCP and that it’ll include all of Italian’s higher education institutions using ESSE3 SIS (Student Information System) and other Universities.

The SMP will be hosted in the same location and will permit the exams data import to the italian students in the field trials and in the future, to all the students of the Italian’s higher education institutions using ESSE3 .

Universities not using ESSE3 will have to develop their own SMP plugin including exams data recover and remote login to allow students to retrieve data.


Contact person for Italy is: Stefano Russo