Student information system in Norway

FS – Felles studentsystem is the national Student Information System in Norway. It consists of a central database and several applications developed for specific group of users, e.g.: application for student administrators (FS-saksbehandlerklient), self-help student portal (Studentweb), self-help portal for faculty (Fagpersonweb).

FS is used by all state funded higher education institutions (HEI) in Norway, and by a vast majority of the private funded HEIs.

FS is managed and developed by Unit – the Norwegian Directorate for ICT and Joint Services for Higher Education and Research.


The National Contact Point (NCP) for EMREX is hosted by the Norwegian Diploma Registry (Vitnemålsportalen). The Diploma Registry delivers achievement data from all HEIs in Norway. It includes data from FS and student information systems for some HEIs in the private sector: Solar Soft and Banner.

It handles student login through FEIDE (national identity federation for the education sector in Norway), as well as through the Norwegian national ID (ID-porten).

List of the Norwegian HEIs connected to NCP is available here.

Plans for expanding of the network to the vocational colleges and high schools in Norway are in development.


The Student mobility plug-in is hosted by several applications developed for the diffent group of users:

For students: Studentweb – the self-help student portal for Norwegian students

For applicants to HEIs: Søknadsweb – the self-help portal for applicants to Norwegian HEIs

For applicants for jobs: JobbNorge – the self-help recruitment portal for job applicants in Norway (in development).


For questions about the Norwegian EMREX-network please contact Unit – the Norwegian Directorate for ICT and Joint Services for Higher Education and Research:

Agnethe Sidselrud

Geir Vangen

Marte Holhjem