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What could go wrong?


The EMREX project is responsible for ensuring that the EMREX network is fully functioning, from the EMC to the EMP. The home university needs to ensure that the student’s credentials are in order and that he can access the EMC.

The student cannot access the EMC

– Are the students’ credentials okay (in FEIDE, SWAYF, HAKA)

– Is the link from the university to the EMC working?

The EMC is not working properly or cannot find the right EMP
The EMP is not working properly or not returning any achievement data
– Are the achievement records registered by the host university, i.e. are there records to be fetched? Ask the student to check with the host university if needed.

– Try again later or contact the EMREX support

The results are not transferred back to the HEI
– Ask the local EMREX contact person to check if they have arrived

– Finland: Is the mailbox and/or Virta SFTP working properly?

– Contact the EMREX support



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