EMREX in Sweden

In Sweden LADOK is the Student Information System for storage and management of academic records. It has been developed and is controlled by Ladokkonsortiet (“the Ladok Consortium”).

The Ladok Consortium consists of 37 Swedish HEIs and each individual HEI is responsible for the maintenance and management of their own database.
The Ladok Consortium offers all member HEIs LadokPing, which is a web solution to view student records from all HEIs in one common web interface. The list of the Swedish HEIs connected to LadokPing is available here. Initially LadokPing will provide information on student achievements only. Please note that the HEI of police education and the Swedish Defence University are not part of LadokPing.


The National Contact point (NCP) will be hosted at a single location, covering all of Sweden’s higher education institutions. The NCP will handle student login through the SWAMID federation. The SWAMID identity will retrieve the student’s SSN which will be used to identify the student.

The solution will depend on the national LadokPing system, which is a distributed application that fetches information from all institutions. The NCP is accessible only from another county’s Student mobility Plugin, it responds only machine to machine.

In Sweden there is also a Student mobility Plugin (SMP) as a standalone solution. It is accessed from https://emrex.its.umu.se/smp/ On this web page all students having login information from any HEI in Sweden can fetch transcript of records from studies abroad.


Contact person for general questions is: Tor Fridell

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